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Leyland Secondary Modern (Wellfield)
Spoke to Ann & she says is it Deidrie Shufflebottom - I said I will ask the question?
Also you said Frank Moss is your other half - did they live in Stanley Road and was there a brother called Alan Moss who I played around with?
If it is the same family two things spring to my mind re the Moss family:
If I was playing round their house Mrs Moss always asked whether I wanted a jam buttie - it was always strawberry - yum yum!
Then something my Mum & Dad told me about (but I wasn't around then); to celebrate the end of the war there was a street party and Mr Moss got the piano out to play lots of tunes/songs. Seemingly the beer was flowing with Mr Moss having more than he should . After one song he said "I think as dropped a cuple of notes in that one!" The reply came back "You've dropped more than a couple - more like a bl--dy book full!!!
Funny how/what you do remember when I can't remember what I did 10 mins ago!
Hi Edward, yes to both questions but my name is spelt Dedrah. Alan Moss now lives in Adlington. We have only just got rid of the piano, it was actually a pianola if it was the same one which I imagine it would be.
Hello Shuffy,
Thank you for the spelling lesson - it was always one of my weak subjects and as time is marching on I rely on spell checker 2 much.
We were up in Leyland/Preston last weekend at the Leyland Motors Reunion but took the opportunity to call in to see some "rellies" One of Linda's cousins now lives in Adlington & we called in to see her Saturday afternoon - fancy Alan living in the same place!
Yes it was a pianola - I now remember being on my knees working the pedals!!!!
good to hear from you

Originally posted by deano1975

I was chatting to Mr (Andy) Murray - PE Teacher in the Dunkirk the other night.

He is not there at the moment, he is supposed to be 'ill'
did he look it?

Do any of you remember Mr. Spence / Ms.Stuart / Ms. Tagg / Ms. Sanderson
hi i went to wellfied from 1965to 1971 i also remember joe lowe. he used to scare me to death.i was in 1c up to 4c . my friend were june southworh ,pat grimshaw, barbara ashcroft,marilyn graham, dougie snape, steven mcgarry. i am new to leyland forum so i dont know what [Smile]iam supposed to do yet. so i hope i hear from you. my name is olive wilson.
Hi Olive, your doing fine already.
Martin ~
Hi Olive, welcome to the forum - was one of your friends -Dougie Snape - really called John Snape, by any chance or was Dougie his real name , not a nickname?
my friend was dougie snape .his real name. can you let me know if iam doing this ok . how do i know who iam replying to if more than one person has left me a messsage.
That's ok, Olive, thought it might be my cousin John Snape, who lives in Leyland and is the same age as you. If you want to reply to a particular person, just click onto the last of the icons next to their name (the one with the red arrow) and submit your reply. You are doing fine!
(14-Apr-2003, 04:39 PM)Sandieh Wrote: Where are all the ex Wellfielders? Leyland Secondary Modern especially those from 1956- 1959 Come on folks
"May we be worthy"
         I attended between 1958 - 1962 leaving March 1962.

Joseph (Booth)

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