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Leyland Secondary Modern (Wellfield)
I'm reading in the lancashire post today that an ex English teacher of the school has died. She is Hannah Demming aged 96. She came over to England in 1950 with her husband Oliver Demming who had been appointed professional at Chorley Cricket club. She returned toTrinidad in 1975.
My 4 children went to wellfield about when you said Mark, Blake, Shaun and Beth Harrison if that helps, Shaun is now in America, I am living on the island of Crete for the last 15 years since retiring from driving instruction as Dave Harrison School of Motoring for 21 years having worked for Leyland motor before then, my son. Blake sadly died of the covid virus 2 weeks ago.
Oh heavens Dave I'm sorry to read about your son. Condolences to you and family.
It annoys me so much that some people are in denial of the disease.
Thank you noel, it was a long time in hospital fighting for his life, they did all possible but it is a bad virus and he himself was not in the best of health log term breathing problems so not really the best patient for such a virus, but I fully agree with your comment people are in denial of the disease, at his company Leyprint his boss had it but kept working his was a mild dose. but we think that is how our Blake got it. Thanks again noel and keep well yourself as we do here. regards Dave H and Gill

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