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Do you remember
Do you remember any of the very Lancashire rhymes and skipping chants from your childhood.Iike:

'On the croft, on the croft were we played pitch an toss a copper come t chase us away, so we hit him on the head wi a bloody big lump o lead an the slimy little bugger ran away'


Beavers bulldogs sittin on a wall sellin horsemuck, penny a ball
For us, they were Balshaw's bulldogs and they were eating coddymuck.
My children sang- to the tune of 'Uptown girl'

"Uptown wally, she's been living in a Tesco trolley
Now she's married to the Action Man,
And they're living in the A-Team van."

Which I thought was brilliant!
We used to sing:
"The winds, the winds, the winds blow high,
And the rain comes rattling down the sky,
For she is handsome, she is pretty,
She is a girl of the London city,
(insert boy's name here) says he loves you,
(" " " " ) says he loves you,
(" " " " ) says he loves you,
If you love him clap your hands,
If you hate him stamp your feet."

One girl stood in the centre of a ring and had to respond to the question - her answer usually creating much hilarity!
We usually chanted this one whilst throwing two balls (or three if you were very clever) up against a wall: Have a cigarette, sir, No sir, Why sir? Because I've got a cold, sir, Where'dya get your cold, sir? In the North Pole, sir, Wotya doin' there, sir? Catching Polar Bears, sir, How many didya catch, sir? One, sir, two sir, and the third got ME, sir!(At this point the balls usually dropped on the floor...)

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