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My Winter Project.
Here in the museum we have a Scammell 100ton truck, built in 1927. I photographed and measured it and came up with this :-
[Image: 100final2.jpg]
The next couple of months will be taken up in producing the trailer (built to carry steam locomotives to Liverpool Docks). Unfortunately only two were ever made and both went to the scrapyard many decades ago. Luckily, several photographs remain, so a fairly accurate copy shouldn`t be too much of a problem. (that`s the idea, anyway!).[Image: 100final1.jpg]
I don't know how you do it Jim. I bought an Airfix kit that theoretically should be simple. After 2 years and a complete and utter mess... couldn't get the paint to stick, some of the small guns simply wouldn't glue in place, I binned it in embarrassment.

Not that it was anything to do with my total incompetence.[:p]

Good luck with it, hopefully you'll show us a photo when it's complete.
Wow, Jim, the detail on that is fantastic! You must have been working very hard indeed.
you can say that again, Linda [Tongue]
Wow. Your model making is as always fantastic! - All mini owners/enthusisasts welcome new & old
Wow, Jim, the detail on that is fantastic! You must have been working very hard indeed.

(sorry Jim couldn't help that)

...great project!!
This hobby is still keeping me off the streets and out of mischief (well - most of the time). Just completed this tilt-tray truck. It looks quite simple , but working out the geometry of the two tilt and one slide, hydraulic rams had me pulling my hair out. I was on my forth set before I got it right.
The lady on the haberdashery stall on Leyland market can`t understand why I keep buying up her stock of synthetic jewels. They make great tail light clusters and side marker lamps.[:p]
[Image: Tiltcomp8.jpg]

[Image: Tiltcomp5.jpg]
absolutely fabulous models Jim well done and how ingenious using the jewels for lights
Stunning Jim, an incredible talent you have.
As always Jim ... WOW!

T. D.

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