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old school
Is there anyone there that attended the Old School at farington. With Mr, Wilkinson asa head master?> I started there in 1935 in Miss hatherway@s class before moving on to Leylasnd Senior school. The Old School had only three rooms. two of which were divided by curtains, so that three classes were in the same room, there was gas lighting and the boys playground was a cinder patch. Dan Barlow.
Welcome to the forum Dan. 1935 is a bit before my time but I take it you are talking about the former school in School Street Farington.? My late mother went there but left around 1920. It's interesting to hear about it if it is as she rarely mentioned it.
Noel, I thought that 1935 would be a bit before most peoples time, but we moved from Wigan to Highfield Avenue in February, 1935, I was ten years old and the old School at that time took pupils from 5yrs to 14yrs old, it was in 1936 that pupils who re4aqched the age of 11 had the chopice of staying on at farington or electing to attend what was called Leyland senior School, which wasw brand new in 1935 when it first took in scholars. I will try and conjure up more memories in the next few days. DanB
I presume the Rose Street School replaced that school Dan. When I was a child living in East Street next door to School Street the old school was then a builder's yard, was it Tomlinsons Dedrah?
Noel, thats correct, and before becoming Tomlinsons it was Alf Threlfalls Joinery. My brother Ernie was apprenticed by Alf just before WW11 and completed it after he was demobbed from the Lancashire Fusiliers. So you lived in East street, In 1935 I had a paper round and when I finished in 1936 a lad named Clitheroe who lived in East street took the round over. Cheers DanB
There were Clitheroes living in East Street when I was a lad Dan,and I remember Threlfalls now, I've been trying to think what it was called for ages so thanks for reminding me. I remember mum saying she passed exams to go to grammar school but her parents couldn't afford, so she missed out.
Noel. What memories you bring back, the Newsagent I was emplyed by was Jackson and I then took on a milk round with Jem Lucas of Cuerden, we started the round at Lydiate lane and wrorked our way up Glouster Ave, along Highfield Ave down Bristol Ave and whilt Jem took the float down mills street, I carried churns and erved customers along Stanifield lane, up east Street and used to meet up with Jem in School Street, I would then go along a cinder track (Its now Leverhouse Lane I think) into Moss Lane and trhen would meet up with Jem near the Club, then it was a ride vhome on the float. My wife she too was capable of passing the grammer school exam but didnt because her parents couldnt afford her to attend. What a small world.
I had a paper round possibly from the same shop, on the small terrace of shops between Rose Street and Crown Street, but it was owned by Lewis's when I was there. Lucas's fields we used to walk in on a Sunday afternoon, cross a very narrow wooden bridge over the brook and through a field of crops onto Wigan Road and back down Moss Lane, turning right onto that cinder track that is Lever House Lane now, past the top of School St. and back down East St. Quite often you'd see Silcock's son, a great big strapping farmer ploughing his field with a shire horse and a single furrow plough.
Noel you do bring back memories that I thought I had lost for ever, We too used to walk up the back of Bristol Avenue, into the first field and over the wooden bridge and on up to Wigan Road,, As you entered Wigan Road in the farmhouse opposite lived a family called Brindley (I think) and for two October School holidays I went potato picking there for 2 shillings ( 10pence)a day a back breaqking job that. Thanks again for jogging my rasther dim memories.
Just recalled tghat when I attended the Old School in farington, we used to ask the Head for free tickets to the North End Reserve games, apparently all schools received a booklet of tickets for pupils use, I remember seeing Tom Finney and stan mathews playing at Deepdale
The Headmaster at the time was Mr Wilkinson who later became the first Head at the New School in Rose Street, this school was built on a field in which the school p-layed football and cricket.

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