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New Link
First of all , thanks for the changes Martin, they look great.
I`m posting this to let you know that I had great deal of difficulty in logging in. I (after messing around for ages) had to delete my links to this forum and gain access via Google. Saving that addy to my links toolbar solved the problem.
I mention this because some may simply accept the error messeage and think that you have shut down.
It's probably down to browser caching and some servers taking longer to update their records Jim but if you go to the root address first it should work. It will probably realign itself properly in the next 24 hours.
Martin ~
I like the the size of the text Martin, much easier on the eye, and better to read
Great improvement had no trouble accessing it Sunday.
No probs ... site told me how to access ...
did as I was told and here I am!!
Looks great Martin ... love this green frame[Big Grin]

T. D.
i wondered why i couldn't log on yesterday, Now all is revealed and yes thanks for upsizing the font. Great for us oldies who are losing our sight. thanks for the changes Cheers Sandy
I could not access the forum from my link I tried again today and it was still no good. I have updated via the new website. Which I love. Thankyou Martin.
Agree, text size is much better and I've logged on today no problem!
Yes I have logged on this morning without any problems but couldn't access it yesterday. I also like the new text size
My link to the guestbook does not work. But I love the new text size.

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