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A sneaky little sneak of a spammer registered on the forum today and sent out a few spam messages. I have locked his account but some of you may have recieved an email from him. Please DO NOT respond to the email.

Your email addresses are hidden from other members but will be visible to them if you respond.

There are a number of methods that the forum uses to try and prevent spammers registering but the ocaisional one gets through. I believe the last one was in 2008.

I've put registrations on moderation for the time being as these things tend to come in batches.
Martin ~
I've changed my email address to yours, pending being able to delete the account.
I don't know whether it this spammer that had upset my hotmail, but I can no longer access my account and have had to set up another one. Martin you may like to change my profile. i am now

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Dan, why have you tried to change your email address to one that isn't yours?

Sandy, the email wouldn't have affected your hotmail account. I've updated your email address in your profile and removed it from your post for security.
Martin ~
Audrey, this part of the forum is not on any newsfeed.
Martin ~
Cheers Martin for that. i was a bit stupid putting it on the forum realised later-not clever.....ta sandy
As the Monty Python song is a little trite were spam is concerned I think this one gets the point across well enough !
You can delete it Audrey. I think he was working his way through the alphabet until I stopped him at members beginning with B
Martin ~
Nobody can see if you delete things in your inbox or any other folder in your email client, that is your private area and nobody can know if you have deleted their email or not.

The only thing they can do is see if you have opened it if it has links in it to graphics.

So by deleting it you are not giving any clues to the spammer, only if you open it.
I would also like to add that the email came through the forum as a member to member message. There is no way that the spammer can track it so it's completely safe to delete.

Tip for gmail users:
If you get an email that you're not sure of but you think might be from someone you know, mark it as spam and open it from your spam folder. gmail stops mail in the spam folder from opening images/links etc. If you are then sure that the mail is ok, mark it "not spam" and it will appear back in your inbox.
Martin ~

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