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Hip replacement
Good luck with the op and swift recovery. Hope to catch up woith you in August 2011 - maybe we could go for a short Jog!!! or walk as i would prefer HA! best wishes sandy
I had a hip replacement three years ago and I have been absolutely delighted with it. I can wholeheartedly recommend it. Good luck with your op Dedrah. Regards, Brian.
Beat wishes lass, hope you are up and about in no time at all.
thank you all very much for your good wishes. Its a very slow job typing on here as I have to sit sideways onto the comp so that I don't twist or bend more than I should, so I will be quiet for a while [Big Grin]
I bet that`s a first. [Tongue]

Glad you are back and on the road to recovery.
Well done Dedrah!
Keep up the good work .. we are all cheering for you!![Big Grin]
T. D.
So pleased you are back with us Dedrah... you will soon be running around like a two year old. Hope the therapy isn't too painful.
I hope you continue to make a good recovery, Dedrah. xx
best wishes and pray for a speedy recovery God Bless Bernard Mann
bernard mann
God will see you through, and back to normal soon best wishes Bernard Mann
bernard mann

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