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Ex Footballer
Was that the same David Batty in the LEP the other night as the David Batty on here ? There was a David Batty in LEP who was sick of people thinking he was the ex footballer David Batty ! Now I remember the David Batty on here and I remember the David Batty footballer ( Who can forget that penalty miss ha ha ! ) and I cant for the life of me understand how people can confuse the 2 ! I can only assume that they have never seen David Batty the footballer !!
I'm not sure what you're on about Phil, has he had an article in the LEP?
Last nights post David Batty from Leyland who is an IT specialist. Is that not what David batty on here does ? Computer software manufacturing ? It was on page 9.
It's a small world; I'm always being mistaken for an ex Arsenal player[Wink]
Martin ~
It was me Filmoss, I think it was page 5 in this weeks Leyland Guardian. I get emails asking me to open fetes, present awards to kids football teams, etc.

The reason we get mistaken, is because my website address of and corresponding email address to the same domain.

I didnt know it was in the LEP as well, I only knew it was in the Guardian, I but the LEP most nights but missed it last night Sad
I often get emails from fans of this bloke.
Martin ~
You would think people would realise that there is more than one person in the world with any name. I was just a very early adopter of tech and domain names so I got the name first.

Keep an eye on that domain Martin, and jump in if he ever forgets to renew it !
I tried to get a domain recently but a domain catcher got it first using some software.
Martin ~

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