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Active Topics
Hey Martin what about an Active Topics link at the bottom of each page ?
The one we have currently serves it's purpose.
Must be for lazy scrollers Noel.
Martin ~
Yes Noel the one we have does serve its purpose but it was just a suggestion ! Many of the forums I go on have a back to the top of page thingy ! And yes Martin I am a lazy scroller !
Just press the Home key on your keyboard then use the Active Topics link at the top, thats faster than looking for a link at the bottom.
Thanks David .. never used that key before![Smile]
Will use it all the time now ... I like it![Big Grin]

T. D.
Well after a couple of nonchalant replies from people you would expect better of I would like to thank David for that advice as I didnt even know I had a " Home " button on my keyboard until now ! [8D]
I just assume that everyone knows what the keys do, its just second nature to hit the home key to get to the top. Have you used its neighbours? The Page Up and Page Down keys?
nonchalant - having an air of easy unconcern or indifference. [^]

You can also get to the bottom of the page by pressing 'End'
Martin ~
I would have gone more with ..


1.without warmth or enthusiasm; not showing interest
2.showing cool lack of concern; casually indifferent

There are lots of things you can do on a keyboard that a mere tyro like me has no idea about ! [8D]

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