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Help Ive lost it
Another Seni0or moment for me Ive gone and lost all the parafanalia about the schools of Leyland particularly the pre=war Welfeild site.
Where did you last see it Dan?
Martin ~
About a month ago, Due to a technicality I was off Broadband for three weeks and once the power was resumed I seem to have lost a few of the forums.
There's a bit here Dan though I doubt it's what you're after as the last person contributed years ago.

If you use the search button and type in the missing words you're looking for, if it's on this forum it should retrieve it.
Thanks Noel but it is from this forum that I have lost all items regarding Leyland Schools.
Try this Dan

School Talk
Martin ~
Thank yo but All I get is my own contributiomn and one dated 20th May.
Dan, just above the list of topics on the right hand side of the page, there should be a drop down list which says "Show All Topics". If it doesn't say that, click on the arrow and select Show All.
Martin ~
Thanks again all is not lost.

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