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old days in the comet shop
(09-Oct-2011, 06:05 PM)Wilko Wrote: Hi Tim,
I remember your mum very well. She was a treasure !!
I am sorry to advise all who remember her, that she died peacefully this morning. She started at Leyland at South Works medical and also worked at North Works, Old Engine before ending up at Comet until her retirement.
My Condolences Tim.
Martin ~
(07-Nov-2011, 09:45 PM)olive wilson Wrote: Both my dad frank wilson and brother john worked in the comet shop , also my aunty worked as a time cleark . i worked in the post room for 21 years and loved every minute of it . my Aunty name is olive Hoar .love to hear from anyone who know me .xx

I worked with a bloke called frank wilson known as 'father' on a grinding section.was he in the RAF during the war??
Hiya Frank Remember well all the names you mentioned but I can't place you! Sorry You will know me as Ben I worked on brake bands with Eric Gardner Bill Andrews Ronnie Bootle Tommy Duffy amongst others I'll continue to try to remember you but perhaps you could jog my memory! Regards
I don't know where the comet shop was, names i remember mum talking about in the nozzle shop, Eric Rawcliffe was one. He became a family friend , his next door neighbour worked there too, used to run from his house near to Broadfield Arms to work, cannot remember his name. Thinking head on...

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