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Flickering Monitor !
I have an Acer 5920 laptop and the screen flickers like crazy, sometimes worse than others ! I have been on several sites looking for a solution but they all seem to go down the line of either change screen resolution ( Doesn't work ) or unplug from charger ( Pathetic !! ) Sometimes changing the angle of the lid/screen seems to stop it but of late that remedy is starting to have little effect ! Can anyone suggest what my problem might be ( Serious answers please ! ) I was thinking maybe it was a software issue, say graphics card but I aint no expert ! Or could it be the wire from the screen that surely must run through one of the hinges !
Try changing the refresh rate in the display properties. Flickering lights give me migraine, so I've needed to use this tip on work computers occasionally. However if it stops flickering if the angle of the lid changes, the problem's perhaps more likely to be a loose connection inside.

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