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Is there a section on the forum where photos that have been posted by members are collated and stored?

There was a photo uploaded in 2002 by John Hendy on the St Anne's school page but the link now seems to be a dead end,unless my computer can't open it for some reason.

Any help appreciated.

Cheers Dave
I came up with blanks too! Jerry
Jerry Threlfall
Hi Dave, for Leyland photographs try here.
Martin ~
To get photos on the forum, they need to be resident on line somewhere, like Photobucket or your own website. If they subsequently get taken off that site, you just get a "photo no longer available" message.

I did it inadvertently with some Leyland Bus photos I'd stored on Photobucket.

Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Thanks everyone, found the photo I was looking for and some other interesting ones. Dave

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