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Road Safety For Schools
What's Your Road Safety Contribution?

If you could tell a driver the consequence of their actions could prove catastrophic and as a result make our roads safer would you??? have provided a free to use platform to communicate through the medium of vehicle registration numbers.
This innovative altiuristic website has road safety for schools and how's my driving components as well as general reporting.
Launched last week and already supported by a number of MPs and approved by senior police officers around the country the scheme needs the public and media on board to gain further traction.
It's free, it works and could save lives. What other reason do you need?
If you drive the scheme is not something you can opt out of, log on and check your registration, you may have a comment.
Appears to be a fantastic idea - does it include recording incidents such as using a mobile phones while driving??
So its just dobbing someone in it but with no actual consequence !! Oh right !! Hoy you in the silver Focus you didn't indicate left !! As if he will read such a site !! Great idea but sorry wont work !!
It may work Phil if neighbours see it,also Chorley or Preston Advanced Motoring groups can help to cut down the tragic number of bad driving incidents.
It depends what happens with the info and how widely the site becomes known - people may think twice before committing an offence if they think there's a chance of it becoming public knowledge.

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