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Important Notice - Please Read
We are considering making a major change to the forum sometime in the next few weeks. If it goes ahead, the forum may be offline for a day or two.
When this happens, all members will have to recover their passwords by using their email addresses.

If your email address is out of date in your profile then you will not be able to recover your password and you won't be able to log in.

I urge all members to go to the profile link at the top of the page and check that your email address is correct.
Just bumping this up again.
Martin ~
One year on and I'm picking up this project again. I ran into some technical difficulties last year and didn't have the time to sort them out.

I'm hoping to upgrade the forum in the near future, so members should go to their own profiles and check that the email address listed is correct and valid. If it isn't you might find yourself locked out of the forum with no way to recover your password.

You have been warned.
Martin ~

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