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Anyone remember Billy/Bill/William Darwen
I'm hoping some people may be able to help me. My dad, Billy, is 60 next year and I'd love to throw a bash for him with some old faces.

My Dad lived on Royal Ave, his parents had the shop there. He had a step brother called Paul and step sister Barbara and full sisters Janice and Carol. His mum and dad were Jack (john) and Edna. I remember very few of my dads old work/school mates. He worked for Crookies (sic?) plant machinery and then Leyland Paints up until Kalon moved it. One gent I do remember was Albert, his surname escapes me, sadly he passed away a few years ago.

Anyone with info or think they may be able to help me just drop me a reply or a message it will be really appreciated.
Just giving this a bump.

I did forget to mention my grandparents owned the shop on Royal Avenue. I think they had bread rounds and baked their own goods. I remember huge ovens in the back of the place.

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