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Are we in a rut?
The level of activity on the forum seems to have diminished considerably in the last few months. I log on every day (unless we're out in the motorhome with limited wifi access) and it's surprising how many times there are no new posts.

Admittedly, I don't bother with the Sports (I'm 4000 miles away!) or a few other categories, but I'm a bit discouraged that we aren't getting more new members or more post from our exisitn ones. No matter how banal or uninteresting your day has been, consider putting up a post, even if it's only to bitch about things.

If we aren't careful, we'll all end up preaching to the choir and that could spell the end of our collaboration. I wouldn't want that to happen - the Forum is a good way to keep in touch from so far away.

Any ideas? I'm reluctant to start singing the praises of where we live for fear of alienating people who are still in the UK and couldn't afford to travel here, but I could wax lyrical about this place for a long time (with pictures!)

Comments welcome.

Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
I try Frank as my post count will verify but if no-one responds what do you do? We had torrential rain all day yesterday, 4 inches at least fell here in Leyland area, the weather forecaster on ITV would insist on saying it was at least 100 millimetres which meant absolutely nothing to me until I'd divided by 25.4 . The bridge on Croston Road by the anchor was flooded, when I went out around 6pm a youngster was swimming in it!! I'd love to see photos, I'm quite happy living here so no jealousy from me. The Olympic Torch passed through Preston this morning, I thought that the relays were run, but only in town, after that there's a coach carrying people on to the next venue. The soldier who lost both legs and one arm in an explosion in Afghanistan walked in Lancaster with the torch yesterday. What an inspiration to everyone.
Leyland and Croston were both on the news today about flooding,I hope nobody is afected. Yesterday beause of the rain I got the car out to go to the DW to pay for my new season ticket, good job if I had walked as I do to the games a boat would have been needed. The usual route was under three feet of water.

frank h.
How much do they charge to watch that lot Frank? My ticket for a division 1 season cost £225 concession rate of course, a full rate would have been £375. That's for a side of the pitch view basic charge.

My wife was away for the day at Bibby's Farm near Adlington, a Bolton area scout camp. Touch wood it didn't rain. She assisted the chef all day, amusing him with a loud "yes chef" every time he asked her to do some prepping.
I believe the great British Public are going through a period of enormous distraction. We've had the Jubilee, Euro2012 football. Wimbledon is upon us and the Olympic games are not far away. Our politicians must be jumping up and down with glee at the thought of hiding so much bad news in one year.
Martin ~
Just to help out a little, it`s in the mid 30s c here on Crete and our family visitors from Chorley are not looking forwards to returning this tuesday after a fortnight here in the sun, they did bring a little news to us from Chorley Leyland with back issues of the Leyland Chorley guardian from March, which we enjoyed reading, thinking of you all enjoying your mixed weather hosepipe bans then floods, still no going back for Gill and I though, but like to keep in contact through the forum.
The price of my ticket concession rate is £215, my son sits next to me pays £280. This is for a seat just off centre, central possition would cost £230 and £300 these prices are for renewals, newcomers pay £255 and £330. Not bad for any division!

frank h.
Hi there Frank, Like you I look from an observers point at the Forum and try hard to pick up threads. The question of "what has happened to the Forum" leaves me at a loss for words.

It was always drummed into me by my parents only to reply to topics you understand, and from a viewpoint of eighty seven years, I wonder if anyone is now interested in a way of life long passed into local history. When I left Leyland in the 1950`s, we took a last look around and agreed that we no longer had a claim to Leyland.

What we know from living there is no longer relevant, where is the industry we knew, the people long passed into family history, who really wants to know about "I remember when...."

So I continue to look back and think, it was just another place I used to live at - good luck to those with new ideas, long may they flourish, but will they please remember that one day they will look back into the window of their lives and think what they are leaving behind. What was their life is now history, which very few people even want to hear about.

I enjoyed your tales of life abroad, always something to remember, an odd smile of recollection - yes, I remember too.

So there you go. Today is the day of the Olympic Torch in Barnsley, the day after England made an exit from the Football Competition, and Wimbledon Tennis is due to start. With reasonable health and good weather we will come through the trials ahead.

Best of luck to you and yours, Frank, back to observing the Forum.

William R.

Originally posted by audpluswesties

All the very best to you and Linda, William. It was lovely to see your name again [Smile]

Agreed. I miss Bill's observations.
Thanks for that Noel and Audrey.
I miss the stories and news from Forum members all round the world and always love to hear how you all are and enjoy anything you like to write about your countries.
Recently I went back to NZ and was amazed at the resilience of the folk in Christchurch where some of my family live, and where they are still subject to aftershocks and trying to get their lives back together again. It's quite nerve-wracking for me to experience those shakes even for a short stay.
The devastation was spread over such a wide area that apart from the city centre which has been destroyed ,buidings over a wide area are either abandoned or showing signs of serious damage. It will take years to recover if ever.
Now they have a new 'Cardboard Cathedral' architecturally designed and built of recycled material to withstand quakes which is hopefully going to last about 20 years
-maybe some would see it as a waste of half a million but it is a much needed symbol of hope.
Shipping crates have been assembled to form makesshift streets for shopping beautified with flowers and shrubs as most of the shops were so badly damaged and beyond rebuiding.
Shipping crates too are piled up along the bottom of the Sumner cliffs -hundreds of them to stop any further rock falls blocking the coast road.
Problems at the other side of the world seem much the same as here.
They worry about immigration ,jobs, finance etc and complain about politicians.
So nothing changes.
Best wishes to all.

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