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Summer Hols & Award Winning Bridge
Drove from Hastings(NZ) to Taupo then with Bro Jerryt & his wife Joy and their Maltese terrier Jack we hopped in campervan and headed west to Oil and Engineering town New Plymouth via the underpublicised scenic route through hydro country and Pureora Forest Park and down the coast to New Plymouth.
Joy's daughter and son in law were great hosts and their two daughters were in an excellent modern Nativity Musical produced by the Dean of the NP Cathedral Englishman Jamie Allen and his talented team.NP has a good coastal walkway and award winning bridge.(google te rewa rewa bridge).Then back to Taupo,swim & kayak in the lake and dinner @ Ploughmans Restaurant, $25 for sirloin steak with mushrooms in sauce & veg & mashed spuds.Then back to Hastings to discover garden and lawn had gone ballistic!
Well said John - our holiday in a nutshell! Note that the church is TARANAKI Cathedral. DEAN jAMIEcame from somewhere south in England about 5 yrs ago and was reasonably well known there on the Net; he is a wonderful asset to New Plymouth.
PS Graet link to the walkway bridge.
Here's an extract from Wikipedia (it was TV, not the Net!):-

"Jamie Allen (born 1971) is an Anglican priest from England whose work in a rural Wiltshire parish was covered by the British television documentary and reality television programme A Country Parish.

He was born with the name Timothy James Allen, but prefers to be called Jamie. Allen was raised in Woodbridge, Suffolk in what has been described as a "middle class background."[1] He was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1999, at the age of 28, after first working as a DJ and as a Religious Education and English teacher. He was a curate for 3 years at St Mary's Abbey in the parish of Nuneaton until 2002, when he was appointed Rector of Seend, Bulkington and Poulshot. After the series aired, there was huge media attention and interest. In 2003 Jamie moved from Wiltshire and resumed ministry in a less-publicized location.[2] He served as a priest in Buckinghamshire before becoming the vicar of St Andrew's Parish in Great Cornard in late 2005.[3]

In 2009, Allen moved with his wife, Suzy, and his four children - Danii, Carrie, Katy and Roxanne, to be vicar, and then dean, of the newly-consecrated Taranaki Cathedral Church of St Mary, New Zealand."

Sadly, Jamie's 2nd daughter, Carrie, died in September last year after a long battle with cancer - she played the part of Mary brilliantly in the previous (and quite different) nativity show they put on in 2011
Jerry Threlfall
THat's a very impressive bridge, sad to hear of Carrie's death though.
I've just checked part of your trip on Google Maps, John. NIce quiet roads over there.
Yes Noel,roads are reasonably uncluttered, except round Auckland and Wellington I guess.I'm just learning Google maps.

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