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Password Probs.
Ah well, welcome back Audrey.
It's an odd problem and one that I've not been able to replicate. I've been wondering if it's something to do with time settings.
It will be interesting to see if I have problems next week when I finally get a new computer. This old clunker hasn't enough power to upgrade from Windows XP and Office 2003 to the current versions, so I'm going out for a fairly powerful laptop. I'll keep the old box for photo processing and Quicken, but it won't be an Internet device.


I'll be getting a new laptop shortly, so it will be interesting to see if I run into any issues. I haven't tried to access the forum on Eileen's iPad 2, which she was given by our daughter last year, but will try shortly.

My laptop will likely be a Windows 8.1 machine and I'll be using both Google Chrome and a later version of Internet Explorer than I currently use. Because my vintage box is Windows XP, I can't use any IE later than version 8.

It's a puzzle.
Martin ~
Try this.

However, sometimes your browser is set to not accept cookies, and this will cause a problem. Here's how to check your browser is accepting cookies:
IE 6/7/8 - Tools > Internet Options > Privacy (tab) > Change setting to 'Accept All Cookies' > Apply > OK.
FF3 - Tools > Options > Privacy (tab) > Cookies > Accept cookies from sites > *tick* > Accept third party cookies *tick* > keep until > *they expire* > OK.
Opera 9/10 - Tools > Preferences > Advanced (tab) > Cookies > Accept cookies > *tick*.
Safari - Edit > Preferences > Security (tab) > Accept cookies > Always > *tick*.
Chrome - Spanner symbol > Options > Under the Hood (tab) > Cookie settings > Allow all cookies.
Martin ~

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