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We've moved into the iPad jungle
I guess it was inevitable, since our three oldest grandkids, their mom (our middle daughter) and our son are all Apple users. The four ladies gave Eileen an iPad for her birthday. She had been using a Microsoft-based net-book for four years or so. She initially approached the iPad with some trepidation, figured out how to play games on the iPad in a fairly short time, but hadn't progressed very far with it.She still used the net-book for everything else

A couple of weeks ago, she had the net-book on the side table, powered up, as she'd been checking e-mails. She switched over to the iPad and, without realising, knocked over a half-glass of white wine onto the net-book keyboard. It didn't take kindly to a 10-hour bath in Pinot Grigio, and the next morning it was a goner.

Now, the iPad is a much more prominent item - her only way to the Internet - particularly the e-mail world. I've been exclusively a Microsoft user since Windows 3.0, both while working and at home, so I find the iPad to be a completely alien environment. I'm still on Win XP, but may upgrade to Win 7 soon.

I guess we're both going to have a steep learning curve on this one. Keeps your brain more active, I guess, but boy, is it different!

Windows 7 I would stick at Frank, 8 is an absolute nightmare. I've toyed with the idea of a tablet but I'm not keen on sticking fingers on the screen to make things work. They look superb but remain unsure.
I'm with you Noel. I can't see updating a desktop to an OS that was designed for touch-screen operations and then had keybord features kluged in as an afterthought. I've run the W7 Update Advisor to see if my 12 year-old desktop can hack it. It reckons it can with a couple of updates to programs I have.

If Microsoft doesn't drop its decision to end support for XP in April I'll probably do it before year's end. I find it hard to understand MS ignoring the massive XP user community. When I was in hospital a couple of years ago, every patient room had an XP machine on the wall, all hooked into a central system. Many large organisations run XP and Microsoft is forcing that marketplace to update all their systems. Seems dumb to me.


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