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M6 55th Anniversary of Britain’s first motorway
We've all been up and down it many times and we all take it for granted these days, but I wonder what it was like before the motorways were built.

Quote:5th December 2013, is the 55th birthday of the first British motorway which was opened in Preston in 1958 by The Rt. Hon. Harold Macmillan, M.P., the current Prime Minister of the time. As well as being officially the M6 this eight and one quarter mile stretch was originally known as the M6 Preston By-pass. This was the beginning of a new era of motoring in Britain and hailed as the answer to the traffic congestion which Preston had been suffering from for quite some time
Martin ~
There was a lot less traffic back then than nowadays. That bit of M6 didn't do a lot to improve Preston traffic. It just shifted it from Pear Tree and Middleforth to Brockholes. If you were headed for Warton and Lytham or Blackpool, it added extra distance. The only traffic that "by-passed" Preston on it was going north towards Lancaster

I remember Ernest Marples opening the Preston by-pass as it was called. Built right across my favourite dog walking field. Now it's just a "unwritten expletive" mess.

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