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Small World
Back in September, I had an accident at home that resulted in a dislocation of the middle finger of my left hand and a serious impact to the ring finger.

After 5 weeks in a splint, the fingers were still very sore and almost immovalel. I had occupational therapy for several weeks with only marginal improvement. Finally, the therapist, wondering whether my relatively minor duPuytren's contracture was interfering with the therapy, set up an appointment with a duPuytren's specialist Dr. Karsten Lang, in nearby Mount Vernon, WA. She's Scandinavian, but I'm not sure which country.

After a few minutes conversation with Dr. Lang, I was surprised when she asked "Whereabouts in Lancashire are you from?" Most folks in this part of the world aren't even aware of Lancashire's existence, let alone can recognise the accent.

When I said "a small industrial town called Leyland" her reply was "I know it". It turned out that, when she first got her MD degree, she worked in Wigan.
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.

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