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Try google today
You can do the Rubik cube
I've lost my cheat sheet.
Martin ~
I never could do the blooming thing
I get a "Snotty-gram" every time I open Chrome that says "This computer will no longer receive updates from Google because its hardware is obsolete".

I went on their chat group and said "Fine, I'll quit using it and switch to Firefox" - no reaction. I haven't been able to use Google Earth for about three years because they stopped supporting Windows XP. They are an arrogant bunch of bar-stewards. Unfortunately, one program I use frequently (flightradar 24) only runs on Google.

When I get my new lap-top in a month or so, with Win 7, I suppose all will be sweetness and light. I certainly wouldn't recommend Google to anyone if it wasn't absolutely necessary for them. I used Bing for searches, just to avoid giving Google my business.

I only use Google for looking things up and have a special link for that. Otherwise I use Chrome for everything now.
But Chrome IS Google. Sure, Internet Explorer is a turkey - takes twice as long to find things and is slow to boot up, but Google Chrome is the part of Google that I dislike the most.
But why?
Google Chrome is superb can't understand who you are having problems Frank, Vista on my PC.
If you have windows xp you will also get messages from Microsoft telling you they will not support you any more.
Martin ~
We had Vista on our lap top but hubby managed to change it over somehow.

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