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£430m scheme for Lancashire
A tri-council scheme which is forecasted to create 17,000 homes and more than 20,000 jobs will be launched today in Lancashire.

The city deal scheme, worth more than £430 million, will improve infrastructure over the next decade and, according to the Homes and Communities Agency, add £1 billion to the local economy and attract £2.3 billion in commercial interest.

Preston, South Ribble and Lancashire councils are joint managing the city deal scheme with help from central government and the Homes and Communities Agency. The government estimates it will create more than 17,000 homes and 20,000 jobs over the next ten years.

Work started at the end of May on an £8 million scheme to cut congestion on the A582, a key route into Preston, part of which will be extended to a dual carriageway. The project is part of plans to increase capacity on major routes.

The Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, the private and public sector partnership that provides strategic leadership for the county’s economy, is responsible for delivering the deal.

Edwin Booth, chair of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, said: ‘By freeing Preston and the surrounding area from the shackles of the existing infrastructure we will enable the local economy to really take off and create the jobs and housing that we need. This is a very exciting time for the Lancashire economy as a whole.’
Martin ~
17,000 more homes? Congestion is going to get a lot worse, unless a lot of older homes are going to be demolished. If I lived in the area, "excited" is that last description of how I would feel. Sure glad we live in a stable, comfortable small town with a decent climate and friendly people. It has expanded a little bit since we moved here, from about 16,000 to 19,000 in 14 years, but almost all the development has been filling in vacant lots. We still have several in our immediate area. They were originally purchased to provide water access for family boats amd just have street access and docks. Back in the early days, (late 1950s) the developer of Skyline got into serious financial difficulties, and was selling large waterfont lots for $2000! A waterfront lot sold just down the street a couple of years ago for $425,000 and a local builder built a spec house, 2700 square feet with a 50-foot dock, that he tried to sell for $1.6 million. Eventually, it sold in a bankruptcy auction for $550,000.

There have only been two larger new developments in Anacortes since we came and each are around 60 homes.

It's difficult to imagine the impact on the South Ribble area of 17,000 new homes, and presumably 68,000 additional people, if they're all Mom, Dad and two kids. What will 34,000 additional children do to the school system? Will the developers be required to build additional schools and other infrastructure items?

As they say, "the bind moggles"!

It sounds horribly like the seventies and eighties when they built all those "industrial" (warehouse) estates and Moss side et al. We were promised all sorts to sell it to us, what we got were no jobs and the social problems caused by building lots of adjoining single room accommodation for lots of youths.
It's what I've been banging on about for ages, the area is changing beyond recognition. For centuries the infrastructure and polpulation of the UK will have remained relatively static. In recent centuries, certainly since the industrial revolution, both have changed at an exponential rate. If it's allowed to continue the country will strangle itself with roads houses and traffic. As you will gather I am not impressed.
I think we should keep a nice stretch of land free between South Ribble and Preston. I don't want to be joined up!
I think its inevitable. Just imagine Leylanders with Preston accents - Plastered Smile

I think people should try and retain their identity, just looks at those Romany Traveller people from Romania and how fast they pick up a Liverpudlian accent
I've lived in Lancashire for nearly 40 years now and have read many times of proposals to bridge the Ribble from around Howick to Clifton so that the 'southern bypass' could join up with the M55.

The Dual carriageway in front of the Brown Hare is now complete but what advantage has it brought for traffic leaving Preston as it feeds into a single lane approaching Pope Lane?

I've always had an interest in the Blackpool tram system and note that at some point in the past, it extended to Lytham. There were plans then to build a bridge across the Ribble to continue the tram's journey to Southport. The bridge's design would have enabled it to lift to let ships traverse through to Preston Docks. And we think we're forward thinking!

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