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RI and University of Central Lancashire to open new Young Scientist Centre
Young people in the North West of England can look forward to exploring hands-on science and technology in a ground-breaking new facility, thanks to a partnership between the Ri and the University of Central Lancashire (UClan).

The two organisations are collaborating to establish a Young Scientist Centre (YSC) – the first of its kind outside of London - at UCLan’s Preston campus. Based on the existing L’Oréal Young Scientist Centre (LYSC) at the Ri and developed with the expertise of the Ri team, the Preston version will also aim to get local young people exploring all aspects of science and technology outside of the classroom.

The YSC will offer a unique experience within the region, benefiting primary, secondary schools and local community groups. The team aims to engage with 3,000 young people in its first year.

I recently joined the RI and have been to a few talks there. It's good value for the money.
Martin ~
I haven't a clue what Ri is Martin, I did a google search and all it came up with is Rode Island. Anything to encourage our young scientists gets my vote.
Try this Noel
Martin ~
You know, I kept thinking it must be the Royal Institute, heaven knows how it found Rode Island, senior moment I guess.Rolleyes

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