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Missing snake
An 8 ft. boa constrictor has gone missing in Skelmersdale. It may have slithered down the toilet or be in the attic. There is no sign of it so far.

I'm glad I don't live in Skelmersdale - I would be going behind a bush in the garden until it was found!
You can't imagine the number of Scouser related snake jokes that could generate Smile
An 8-ft Boa-constrictor is an inconsequential juvenile. They aren't dangerous until they get to about 20 feet. They can't squeeze you to death until they're long enough to get twice round your torso. Sure, they aren't any picnic, but juveniles aren't that hazardous. If you're in the area where the snake escaped, carry a knife so you can stab it to death.

It will probably die as soon as the weather turns cold.
Martin ~
You would probably be prosecuted for just for carring the knife let a lone killing it.

fran h.
Found safe and well!

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