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Major Celebration in two weeks
My deepest condolences Jerry, sad news indeed.
Martin ~
Deepest condolences Jerry

The anniversary party was a big success. Of the 48 people we invited, all but 5 attended. We had my brother and sister over from the UK, son and grand-daughter from Japan and friends from Arizona. The rest of the guests were family who live in Western Washington and friends from the neighborhood. One grand-daughter, who's a student at the University of Montana in Missoula, flew back to Seattle on Saturday morning, came to the party on Sunday and flew back to Missoula early Monday morning.

The weather was spectacularly good - clear blue skies and a high around 75F. We didn't get much of a chance to use our camera, but a lot of the guests used theirs. We're contacting them to get .jpg files sent to us and I'll be posting some pics in a few days.

Sis and Bro are now back in Leyland and Plymouth respectively and our son and grand-daughter are back in Chiba, Japan. They only stayed a week, but our UK guests were here for about 19 days.

We're breathing a sigh of relief because everything went so well and everyone had a good time. Our adult children and their spouses made a significant contribution to the party's success. Back to routine again now for us - dog walks twice a day, weekly grocery shopping, monthly Costco trips. Same old, same old, but reassuringly "normal".

(09-Sep-2014, 03:40 AM)anacortesdamp Wrote: The anniversary party was a big success. I'll be posting some pics in a few days.

Same old, same old, but reassuringly "normal".


Well done Frank! Now for the next 25yrs!
Jerry Threlfall
I haven't posted anything since January (2018!)....been busy painting pics. Have to strike while the iron's hot as they say, a few commissions and an upcoming exhibition gave me the necessary motivation.

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