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seasons greetings
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all past and present members of Leyland Forum. from Dave and Gill on Crete Wink
Also from Jerry in New Plymouth (NZ) with great family rellies at Linda's home (Joy's daughter). Weather fantastic! 26 and sunny today with hardly any wind.
Jerry Threlfall
And from me in rainy Farington Moss and SWMBO Margaret.
And from us (Eileen and Frank). We'll be heading down to Olympia (the State capital) to our daughter Andrea's house. Several other family members will be there, but Sarah and her husband are in Hawaii for a couple of weeks and grand-daughter Kelsey is staying at her college in Montana. Matthew and family will be staying home in Chiba, Japan.

Best wishes for 2015 also.

Merry Christmas from us. We have just got back from Somerset to SE London. Time to start preping the food for an early xmas lunch.
Martin ~
All the best to you all for Christmas and the New Year.

frank h.
Happy New Year 2015 from Waitahanui, Lake Taupo, New Zealand. 6.50am here, peaceful after fireworks last night!
Jerry Threlfall
Happy New Year To ALL Forum members .
Happy new year to all. We resisted the urge to spend a fortune going out and had a meal washed down with prosecco and something stronger later on. By the time 12 o'clock came. I could barely keep my eyes open. Not through the drink, I should add.
We went to an NYE party at our neighborhood social club. It was a BYOB and pot-luck, with a lot of interesting dishes. At 8:50 pm, the TV was tuned in to a channel that was carrying the New York Times Square stuff as it happened. We're three hours behind, so at 9:00, we watched the ball-drop and wished each other "Happy New Year" and went home before 10:00.

I managed to stay awake until about 11:15. Eileen managed to stay up to see the Seattle Space Needle fireworks at 12:00 our time. This year it was clear and cold, so the fireworks were spectacular. Last year was foggy and overcast (I think the ceiling was about 1000 ft) so the fireworks weren't worth the trouble. Since we're about 85 miles away, we don't go down to Seattle very often.


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