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Wellfield - Form 20 - 1955
Do you remember 1955 - 60 years ago being in Form 20 at Wellfield School with Miss Farrington as Form Mistress?
I can remember the following names - if I have missed you or if you are on the list, it would be great to hear from you and share some memories.
My nickname was "Spud" and I married Maureen Patterson.

Brian Mason, Roy Farley, Brian Cookson, Norman Mayor, Frank Baker, Leonard Iddon, Dennis Griffiths,
Robert Taylor, Alan? Malley, Alex Bannister, Alan Green, Brian Haselden,
Brian Ince, David Hewitt, Jimmy Lucas, George Jurstice, Dorothy Taylor, Joan Miller, Beryl Maudsley, Lois Iveson, Ann Barker, Jennie Banks,
Olwyn Forshaw, Sandra McIntyre, Kathleen Whiting[/size][/font]
That's before my time Plum, but there are others on here who would have been around then.
Martin ~
As I did not get any replies to the post, it may jog a few memories if I say my name is Peter Holmes. My family had the greengrocers and florists shop at the top of Towngate, where Tesco is now. I married Maureen Patterson who lived in Goulding Avenue and worked at Leyland Motors North Works as secretary to Mr. George Taylor and who was also in Form 20

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