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Leyland in the 40s
I wonder if anybody is able to help me.

I'm trying to trace my father's father. I know my father's parents were called Roocroft and Arnfield, and he was born illigitimately in Leyland in 1948.

I think my grandfather's name was John or Jack Roocroft and he lived on a farm in Leyland, but fell out with his family after my father was conceived.

Anybody able to provide any further information would be greatly appreciated.
Hello Sally, I went to school with a Roocroft back in the 70's. I couldn't tell you much more than that, maybe someone else knows your grandfather.

I was born in Leyland in 1941 and lived there until 1964. Married in August that year, my wife and I moved to Kenilworth, then Wolverhampton. In 1968 we emigrated to the US.

A Roocroft family I remember had a father, called Jack, who had a butcher's shop in the block of shops that form the south-west corner of School Lane and Golden Hill.

In my year at Balshaw's there was a Roger Roocroft, who I think was Jack's son. He was in the A stream and I was in B. I think he had an older brother. In my B class was a girl called Valerie Metcalf, who was a very talented pianist. She and Roger were married sometime in the 1960s. They have a daughter who is an operatic soprano. She performed under the name Amanda Roocroft, but I haven't heard anything about her in the last 10 years or so.

Roger and Valerie used to live in Coppull, and may still be there. Valerie used to post on this forum from time to time.

Jack (the butcher) was a contemporary of my father (who was born in 1914) and is probably not with us any more. Roger is a similar age to me (I'm 73).

They are the only Roocrofts I know of who are probably still in the greater Leyland/Chorley area. Good luck with your search.

Frank Damp
Anacortes, Washington State, USA
I also knew the Roocroft brothers, I was in the same class at balshaws as Neil Roocroft, younger brother of Roger, Neil died earlier this year. He lived in Bamber Bridge. Roger still lives in Copull with Val I believe.
Thanks for the update, Audrey. I'm pleased to hear that Amanda is still active in her operatic career. We don't get any coverage of opera around here unless it's about Seattle or Vancouver.

Thank you for all your replies. Frank and Audrey, it sounds like Roger Roocroft would be a really goood peron to contact, so I'll go from there. Kindest regards. Sally
Hi Sally
My cousin told me about this forum...evidently some members of the Roocroft family have been speculating on which John or Jack Roocroft might be your grandfather.
My Dad was born in 1931....named John on the birth certificate but everyone called him Jack. He was the youngest child of Richard Roocroft a farmer who resided at Altcar Farm, the Home Farm for the Farington family who owned Worden Hall.
I was born in 1951 when my Dad was 20 years old and we lived on Leyland Lane for a time when I was a child.
My Dad once mentioned to me that he had got a girl in 'the family way' when he was very young - on these dates when he was 17 or 18 but he didn't elaborate.
If I can answer any questions you may have do let me know.

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