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anyone remember
anyone remember guys sweet shop...
playing in the air raid shelters at the bottom of hall lane...
growing up in the 70s.....
Hi Steve, welcome to the forum. I spent much of my youth in Spring Gardens back in the 70's
Martin ~
Welcome Steve, I remember Guys sweet shop, I and my children used it regularly, tell us how you ended up in Chester, My Daughter and her husband went to Chester college, a college of Liverpool University, they graduated and went on to Edgbaston to complete their teaching degrees, I also lived in Wallasey on the Wirral peninsular in my youth and visited Chester regularly also did my basic national service training in the Infantry there at The Dale Moston before marrying a Leylander and moving there in the early 60s and living in Leyland until I retired and moved here to Crete Greece for my health.
Welcome, Steve:

I'm a bit ahead of you in age (was 74 last Sept). By the 70s, I was married, had 4 children and had emigrated to the USA to a job with Boeing (July 1968). Our younger two were born in the US. We're still in the US, now retired. We live in a small seaside town, Anacortes, in northwest Washington State.

When I was a kid, we lived close in to the middle of Leyland, across from the Parish Church, so my exposure to the Golden Hill and Hall Lane area was limited. For a while, my cousin Michael's family lived in a semi-detached house close to the top of Hall Lane - maybe four houses towards School Lane on the north side of Golden Hill. I'd go up there occasionally on Saturdays and we'd be out in the fields around the river.

Frank Damp
I never knew there were air-raid shelters down there. I remember Frank Bradley who used to live down there and ran a taxi business of sorts. His wife used to run the sweet shop by Bent Bridge, a favourite,with Balshaw's being so close by.

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