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Leyland in Dinky toys
I spotted an advert in todays Daily Mail for the return of a Leyland Octopus Tanker in Esso petrol livery. It is made in die-cast metal as the original and not the latest type in plastic. It is the last of 1950s-era it was deleated from the range in1964 andhas been unavalable ever since. The advert even says you can buy it for £2.99 a similar price to the original.
It brought back those memories of going to Brindles toy shop buying those famous small toys spending hard won spending money.

frank h.
It should be a winner Frank, Die- cast metal was always the best and hard wearing, well kept one from the past fetch good money nowadays on the antiques shows.
Was Brindle's the shop on Hough Lane near where the roundabout is now? I remember buying mum a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow from there ( don't ask )
Brindles was at the cross end of Towngate, it started off on the public hall side next to the bank at the top of Cow Lane then they moved over to the other side into a double shop next to Bakers chemist. This was when it became toys on one side and cycles on the other, the Brindles who ran the shop were parents of John Brindle who ran Fishwicks Buses. Sadly all those shops went when the redevelopment of Towngate took place in 1964/65

frank h.l
Ah, cheers Frank. I can't say I remember it but knew of John Brindle, of course. I didn't get much further than Hough Lane back then in Leyland. Cow Lane I do remember, think it's where the leisure centre is now. The shop I was thinking of sold dinky toys but it was sited Hough Lane, facing where the dentist by the roundabout is now. I remember a record shop on Hough Lane, did it have a driving school as well? Dr. Odonnel's surgery, Victor Value opening and closing, but get past Woolworths into towngate, very little recollection.
We lived close to the Cross when I was growing up, at a house that is long gone as a result of the original south Towngate redevelopment. Our house, #7 Church Road, was one of a pair of semis just east of the detached house next to a detached house belonging to the Tomlinsons. The entire block, the detatched house, our house the adjoining semi and a row of terraced houses extending to the War Memorial were all demolished

Brindles was good source of Dinky toys back then.

Frank D
Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Bought my first Mouth-organ at Brindles; next to Bakers Chemist. Funny how until I saw this thread I had remembered it as having come from the chemists! (it was 7s/6d and is still somewhere in t'bottom drawer!)
Jerry Threlfall

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