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What strange weather
Sitting here in our living room, I read the on-line Lancashire Evening Post to find that you're having snow. Almost in May??? That must be a tough time.

We've got clear blue and sunshine for the third day in a row and haven't seen any snow this last winter. The wind is a bit chilly, as it comes across about 100 miles of open water from the south end of Puget Sound. That water rarely gets above 50F, even at the height of summer, as it's primarily ice melt from the mountains to the east.

Our outdoor thermometer is showing 65F at 14:30. I hope it soon gets more spring-like for the UK.

Frank D
Cold, wet, miserable Frank. We have a few sunny warm days then get a rude awakening.
Stunning here in Perth WA. Nicely easing into winter - a pleasant 15-6 C at night and mid 20's daytime.
A bit mundane but weather here on Crete as normal sunny and the farmers waiting for a little rain for the crops, but last January we had 3 solid days of rain and high winds, so much that the land at the boundary of our bungalow was washed away taking 2 olive trees down into the valley below leaving my work shed hanging into space over a 40 foot drop, the worst in living memory said my Greek neighbour, may be Global warming changing the world weather patterns
It's ironic that "global warming" makes so many places colder than before! I guess the term "climate change" is more accurate. We're seeing more sunshine than we normally get, but little change in temps. Having cold glacial melt water (50F on a warm summer day), stretching south for about 150 miles from across the street, is our predominant weather-maker. Swimmers here wear wet-suits, except the dogs!

Unfortunately, since I originally wrote the above, we had to have Angus, one of our two Labs, put down. We adopted him a bit short of 5 years ago after his original guardian developed Alzheimer's. He suddenly developed what we thought was severe arthritis in his left hind leg. A visit to our vet on a Friday showed that he wasn't arthritic, but had developed some type of growth on his spinal cord, just ahead of his hips. By Sunday afternoon, his entire rear end was paralysed. We took him to the vet on the Monday and they said there was a very low chance they could fix it. We had to have him put down. Major disruption to our life, and we're now down to one dog, our almost 13 year-old male Yellow Lab, Bailey, whom we've had since we rescued him from the local Humane Society when he was 5. We're not sure how long he'll be with us, but he seems relieved that he can leave food in his dish for later consumption without Angus scarfing it down

Frank D
I'll resurrect this thread, since I mentioned our dogs in my last post. Unfortunately, Bailey has also left us. About 3 weeks before his 14th birthday, he suddenly decided to quit eating and going for walks. He lost 6 pounds in a week. We took him to the vet who did a very detailed examination. He couldn't find any physical problems and expressed the opinion that he just wanted to pass over. We agreed and he was euthanised.

We got home and both said "no more dogs". That lasted all of 2 weeks! We now have an adopted 9 year old (turned 9 two weeks ago) female yellow Lab, Katie. She was up for adoption because the kids in the family, whose dog Katy was, had both gone off to colleges out of state. The dad was a disabled Army veteran and Mom worked full time and din't have the energy to look after her.

She has settled in with us just fine. We're having to use a "Gentle Leader" harness instead of a regular collar, otherwise she pulls like a freight locomotive. We decided to go the adoption route as it worked well with Angus. With luck, she'll get the idea about not pulling and we can revert to a conventional collar and leash.

Frank D
The weather' s been very nice here for several weeks here in southern Ontario, springtime we had far more rain than usual and it was cooler than normal, summer's been good , pleasant temperatures during the daytime ,often 30 deg , cooler at night pleasant with the windows opened no needing a/c , we have sunny days and warm and frequent showers overnight resulting in vert green grass, good growing whether, farmers markets full of local produce, grapes, peaches, strawberries , and all manner of vegetables , I bought some Damsons which I'd not seen since my uk days when the Damsons of the Lythe valley nr Kendal were always delicious , the ones I bought were just as good . I can hardly believe there's so many varieties of tomatoes , and they're so delicious ,I bought some very large 'field ' tomatoes ,apparently not vine grown but just lying growing in the fields , they were not uniform in size but were delicious . potatoes, I've still to find any comparable to the small "Pilling" potatoes, perhaps it was the black rich earth around Pilling which produced thos wonderful new potatoes , delicious with a little butter . The nights are drawing in , it's dark by 8.30pm , cooler at night too, another six weeks and it will be time to close the pool .
We are fortunate here in southern ontario, we don't get the extremes of weather that many places get in North America , winters are moderate , and he summers pleasant , Lake Ontario influences the weather ,as does the Niagara escarpment .
Seems non stop rain here at the moment. A few more days and we'll be off on our holidays. Guaranteed hot sun and golden beaches. Lythe valley is notorious for its damsons Alan. I've made 10 gallons of wine each autumn from them. This year though I'm giving it a miss. Sorry to hear of your dog Frank. Our border terrier will be our last but he's only 7 so plenty of time left for the little chap.

Thanks for the condolences. Our experience seems to show that Labradors have a built-in clock that tells them it's time to leave this world at around 14 years of age. Three of ours did that within a few weeks of their 14th birthdays. The new member of the family just turned 9 a few days after we adopted her. Her original family had grown up - kids now teens and 20's and Dad was disabled. Now in our mid-70's, we didn't want a dog that would outlive us and the one we got is very fit and healthy for a 9-year-old and has settled in with us very well.

Frank Damp (wife Eileen, nee Nixon)
Leyland resident 1941-1965, emigrated to the US in 1968,
retired to Anacortes, Washington State, USA in 1999.
Hi Noel and Frank - any anyone else for that matter who's participating or considering doing so , in the Leyland Forum . Its good to read such as your postings , I do hope that the forum continues and even improves becomes more active as it used to be .
I suppose Noel that your going again to Turkey , which part would that be , I notice that cruise ships have now ceased to go to Istanbul , the political situation there being what it is with the potential dictator Ergodan who is attempting to take Turkey back in time therebye destroying the good work that Attaturk did many years ago . We cruised to Kussadasi twice , enjoyed the place and the people we met there, likewise Istanbul which surprised me , it's a pity the cruises have now stopped , I'd certainly go there again given the chance. I recall sailing towards Istanbul along the Dardanelles , the ship stopped mid stream at Gallipoli for a short service ,and the following message was projected onto the large deck screen whilst the the 'last post ' was played over the ships sound system , the captain then read the following inscription which was inscribed on the distant war memorial on shore -

"Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives..... You are now living in the soil of a friendly country . Therefore rest in peace . There is no difference between the Johnnies or the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours ........ You , the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears, your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace, after having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well "

Attaturk, 1934

There were many passengers aboard ship from Australia and New Zealand , the service was quite moving , appreciated and appropriate !

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