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Leyland in 1964
Leyland in Focus featuring the Damp brothers 1964 film of life in Leyland in 1964 and David Ashmore's presentation of the building of Tesco are to be shown at South Ribble museum on August 20th from 10am to 1pm.
That would be by my twin uncles, Bert and Jack, possibly with their younger brother Sid. They were very keen on 8mm movies. and pretty good at it too. Pity I'm 4000 miles away!

I'm hoping to attend Frank, should be an interesting film.

I'd appreciate if you could ask the museum folks if I could get a digital copy of that family film, as a family member.

It should be an intresting film, it would be about the time that Towngate began the changes. 1965 was the year I turned 21 and the firm I worked for A.M. Tomlinson moved from the cross area to Stanifield Lane to make way for the re building at that end of Towngate.

frank h.
(11-Aug-2016, 03:01 PM)anacortesdamp Wrote: Noel:

I'd appreciate if you could ask the museum folks if I could get a digital copy of that family film, as a family member.


Will ask Frank.
Thanks. Noel.

Frank H:

August 1964 was when my wife and I were married. We rented a flat in Bamber Bridge shortly after the wedding. My family had moved out of No. 7 Church Road a couple of years earlier, after the widening of Church Road. That job took almost all our front garden and put the bus stop right in front of the house. The Sandy Lane Doctors' Group took it over, with their receptionist and family living in the upstairs.

I'm not sure when the south end of Towngate was demolished and rebuilt. The buildings on the north side of Church Road, from Heaton's all the way to the War Memorial were torn down, including all of Tomlinson's works yard, truck garages and the undertaker's facilities.

We'd moved to Kenilworth by then.

Frank D
Do you mean the Tesco development Frank or are you talking earlier? I remember there used to be Cow Lane round that area but it's gone now swallowed up by the leisure centre.
That demolition in south end of Towngate provided me at the time with a lot of timber, old bricks etc that help me develop my first house purchase after leaving our council house in Woodlands drive...........
It was much earlier than Tesco, early 1960s or thereabouts. All the buildings on the north side of Church Road, from the War Memorial to Towngate, and all those on the east side of Towngate between Church Road and Pickup's furniture were demolished. I think Baker's chemist shop was left standing for some time.

On the corner of Church Road, where Heaton's hardware store had been, an open plaza was paved and became a market, replacing the one that was opposite the end of Regent Road. On the east side of this plaza a row of small shops was built (maybe five?). On the north side, a two-story department store went in, opened by Littlewoods, I think. They didn't do very well and closed after about 2 years. Shortly afterwards, the smaller stores also closed. The property stood empty until Tesco bought it, along with everything on the west side of Towngate from the north end of the row of shops from the end of Edna Noon's dress shop through to Spring Gardens and extending westwards almost to the Junior School. Their purchase also included the rest of the east side of Towngate , as far as the library. A new road (Lancaster Gate?) went westwards down the north side of Tesco's property. The dirt street along the side of the library was widened and paved, which allowed Towngate to be closed off for the Tesco development

I guess the LUDC kept some of the land for the swimming baths, new Council offices and a police station. The remainder became the Tesco car park.

All the Tesco development went in after we'd emigrated (July 1968), though it may have started while we were living in Kenilworth and then the Wolverhampton area between late 1965 and emigration.


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