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Leyland Best place to live in the UK
Yes it's official

South Ribble, an area of Lancashire just below Preston, took the prize. The district has a population of 109,700.
An area of Lancaster?
Congratulations Leyland and SouthRibble on being the best place to live, although I moved 11 years ago here to Crete on health grounds I am still proud of where I came from and made my living from the Motors until redundancy, to Having Served the local community after redundancy with my Bussiness teaching able-bodied and disabled people to drive
It's a pleasant area to live in, not sure I'd agree it's the best but well said Dave for your pride in the region. I remember the quiet country lane that led I to farm land and was replaced by a busy dual carriageway to the M6 junction. Masses of new housing estates, I live on one myself adjacent to where farington station used to be, aka the painters fields. I guess I don't like change?
Unfortunately Noel it is inevitable, without it we would still be in the dark ages.............:idea
Absolutely Dave. Have you read about the plans for Ikea to build at Cuerden? The gap between Farington and Lostock Hall which I always thought was sacrosanct is slowly getting filled.
We lived in Bryning Road Noel when the motorway was being built, noise, dust, etc day and night but overall how useful it was and well needed, now after this accolade Leyland will maybe more than ever the place to live for commuters to Manchester and Liverpool so I forsee more development both commercial and housing could possibly be needed, my God child is SouthRibbles chief Exec for environment, hopefully continuing to do a good job...........
Best place , south Ribble - sounds good to me !
I'm not sure it's as good as the article says Alan, but we can dream.

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