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Logging in errors
There is a problem with the logging in. For days I have been recorded as logged out. When I log in it says thanks for logging in you'll now be taken to the forum, or words to that effect. But it then asks me to log in.And so on ad infinitum. If I decide to register again it tells me I am already registered and logs me in without any keystrokes from me.
That's odd. Have you tried clearing your cache or using a different browser Noel?
(24-Aug-2017, 07:39 PM)admin Wrote: That's odd. Have you tried clearing your cache or using a different browser Noel?

I've tried tablet phone and pc. Still doing it but at least I know how to log in now.
Since the change the forum has died, can a better system be brought in to make it easier to use i.e make it more user friendly, it used to be a good forum with plenty of local Leylanders voicing their views, but the changes killed it...
I can't see it being changed back Dave but I think you're right it has stopped posters. We're really down to barely a post a week now. It's worse than I ve ever known it.
I think the other thing Dave, apathy has sunk in with the few remaining active members.
Facebook is where most people are these days.
I personally do not use the odious Facebook, it has caused more damage than it was worth, I prefer to use forums like the local Leyland and Cretan forums that are none intrusive.
I use both Dave but you can't really have a meaningful discussion on facebook. It's ok to keep in touch with pictures of the grandkids, some of whom we'd never see if it weren't for FB. Sadly the Leyland town forum looks like it will end if the lack of posters continues. Anyway spring feels like it may be on its way over here, time to sort the greenhouse out.
I too don't use facebook or this twitter thing, it would be a shame if the forum folded. It can be a good thing to put in your two pence worth now and again, also to keep up with what is happening in leyland.

frank h.

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