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Leyland Historical Society.
i renewed mine last night £300 inThe Invincibles.
Wigan £269 for over 65s, not bad price!

frank h..
whereabouts in the ground is that Frank? Invincibles is a side view close to the old Town End. Just behind us ex-players and those not in the day's team are in one of the corporate entertainment rooms. i could get cheaper behind the goals, or a lot more expensive sitting where Sir Trevor and his family do. The ground's looking good compared to 60 years ago when i first started going on, as is Wigan's compared to the old springfield park ground, that was something else, remember sliding down a muddy banking behind one of the goals, and the supporters mooing in that shed . happy days.
Over 65s price of £269 is the same on both long sides or £309 full price, the south stand behind the goal is cheaper ie £229 or £279. The north stand is the away end. I sit in the east stand named after my wifes cousins husband the rugby player "Billy Boston", the west stand is the "Springfield".entertanment/ players side. Springfield Park is now a housing estate and not so muddy.

frank h.
Billy Boston, legend. I used to follow the wigan rl side back in the fifties,early sixties, i say follow, on TV, back in those days they had players like punchy Griffiths, eric Ashton, mike Sullivan, brian Mctigue, Bolton, Holden, can't remember their first names, and St. Helens had the mighty Tom Van Vollenhoven. It'd be nice if a few more joined in the chat Frank? The forum's in danger of dieing.
Yes Noel,

I met up with Dave Harrison, while I was on holiday in Crete in April he was saying the same may be if some of the new members were to tell us a little of their back ground we might engage with more people. Thy just seem to sign up and then you don't hear anymore from them.
Any way on Friday I called on my brother in Fox Lane and saw signs for the Leyland Festival road closures on June 12th still keeping up the tradition.

frank h.
that's good Frank, meeting up with Dave. A few years ago we had a couple of forum meets when we all teamed up at The Viceroy in Golden Hill Lane, also a couple of meets at the eagle and child. Then there were about 12 of us locals. The last meeting we had at The Farmers Arms in Eccleston was more of an ex-forum members' meeting, just the 4 of us, Karen Bretherton, Linda Dunlop my wife Margaret and me. I still keep in touch with them to this day. That was last year sometime I think, time flies. I have a photo somewhere of Leyland festival outside the rose and crown, centre piece is an elephant!! you don't get that these days. i'll try to look it up. excuse the lack of capitals, i get fed up of writing something then looking up at the screen to find i've still got the cap lock on.
I remember the early 1950s festivals, I think it would be the coronation festival living in FoxLane the whole street was involved, mothers making Elizabethan costumes fathers helping to prepair the float and us children all dresing up.I became involved in the 60s with St Marys youth club one year pulling my 1935 Morris 8 all around the route, and an other year drving my 1947 Rover 12 followed by a Triumph Gloria dressed as charactors from the Invincables telivision show. Great times and some fine memories.

frank h.
Early '50's, I was only just into double numbers (born 1941), so my memories of festivals don't start until the later 1950's.. The family's ironmongery was at 143 Towngate, so we could sit out front and watch the parade go by. The shop was open for business until 16:30 on Saturdays (often the busiest day of the week with all the Dads coming in for DIY stuff!). If we did manage to get to Worden Park on Festival Day, it was early evening and a lot of kids' activities were over.

Frank D.
i used to help my dad set up the stalls on worden park in preparation for the festival, then the following day took it all down. there were over 100 entrants in those days, so many firms large and small, represented. it came right past my parents' house on stanifield lane so chairs were put on the pavement for those wishing to sit. It's bringing back memories of hearing the band in the distance and the excitement as it approached. It starts from centurion way now, everyone begins assembling there, fancy having to sort that out, who goes where. But did it always? bearing in mind centurion way was only built in the fifties?

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