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Leyland Historical Society.
Your reminiscences about the pollution at BTR make me very glad I decided to go into the airplane industry. The only place I worked that had any pollution was the manufacturing area at EE/BAC Strand Road and it was nothing like what you guys describe. I did 4 months there on the TSR-2 line. All my other work was at the Warton facility, on the north bank of the Ribble estuary, plus a spell at A&AEE - Boscombe Down in Wiltshire. The only pollution I came across was jet engine exhaust and the "sea breezes" (aka gale-force winds) took care of that.

Frank D
You were lucky Frank to get out from Leyland industry when you did, very wise move...
Yes the rubber industry wasn't a very healthy employment way back. When I first started many of the older workers had regular urine checks for bladder cancer. Chemicals such as PAN phenyl alpha naphtylamine a proven nasty that had been used and found to be carcinogenic were banned after extensive use as an antioxidant ( preventing degradation). In my first years in the industry we had to have regular chest x-rays with the mobile unit that used to visit.
I used to visit customers and one, Rolls Royce and Bentley based in Crewe it was like walking into another world. Spotless clean assembly lines, gleaming under bonnets. A world away from the industry I worked in. But I really enjoyed it.
It shows Noel how much we did not know about the chemicals used in those days and the effects on the health of those employed in those industries...
it does Dave. Not only the chemicals but the noise and equipment safety guards. My father in law who worked in the industry from 1925 to 1973 before being made redundant . One of the belt press operators leaving his arm in the 30ft long press as it shut on the belt..operatives had to make sure the belt was correctly located in the edge irons that formed the pressure bfore the press fully closed. Lost his arm and ran down the shop screaming before collapsing. He survived and in my time was a security guard on the main Golden Hill entry. Icould go on but so many gruesome things he told me about.
Myself i suffer from tinnitus due to not having ear protectors as do many of my ex colleagues. A small price compared..
As anyone been in the pop up heritage shop on Hough Lane, I am thinking of calling in next time I visit leyland to see what its all about.

frank h.
I've not even been into Leyland since it opened Frank, seen a photo advertising it in the Lancashire Post, but that's about it.
The forum is so slow these with so few people talking part, I only check every so often to see if there are any posts. Might walk past and have a look next time I'm in Leyland. I'm more concerned about RBS branch closing down, i use it quite alot.

Don't panic about RBS closing! is there still a Nat West in Leyland, if so your businness will just transfer to them. RBS will continue in Scotland and Nat West in the rest of Britain. Most towns have both so only Nat West will stay, if you find you have neither bank you can use the post office to do your businness using your existing RBS account. My youngest son works for RBS has done for 20 years now he is Nat West, he moved 50 yards down the street from RBS to Nat West just to get a desk here in Wigan. I may get in to Leyland myself this Friday to place flowers on Mothers grave its 40 years since she died the day after watching the Festival the fist Saturday of June.

frank h.
Thanks for that reassurance Frank. I've got to know the staff in Leyland hope they get a move and not just out of the door, been with RBS for nearly 30 years, since I moved back up here apart from a brief spell with Santander when we were told RBS would be closing, didn't take me long to switch back when I found they weren't. June's a sad month for me. Mother in law passed away 2 days before the festival 43 years ago and my mother's birthday early june, she passed away 32 years ago. On a cheerier note, season tickets out for PNE I've had one for quite a few seasons and enjoy watching us beat teams that have players costing tens of millions, little Preston. This season they're putting in electronic turnstile admission and the ticket will be a card now. finally getting into the 21st century?
Yes Noel,
Wigan have theirs out, a small increase in price now back in championship.They have been using credit card size swipe cards for about 5 years at turnstiles, also one off tickets are all scanable.

frank h.

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