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The Industrial Heritage of Leyland & Farington - Recording many workforces of town
On Monday 12th February at 7.30 pm in the Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland, the Leyland Historical Society are launching our Oral History Project as we hope to record the memories of the many and varied workforces of the factories of Leyland & Farington.
So if you worked at Leyland Motors, Leyland & Birmingham Rubber, Baxters, BTR, Leyland Paints, Bleachworks, Farington Mill, Brook Mill, Earnshaw Bridge Mill, Mount Pleasant Mill, Gold Thread Works, Leyland Medical we want to hear from you.
The meeting on 12th February is a free meeting and we hope to see many people there so we can take your details and arrange to interview you at a later date.
We will be giving a presentation showing the extent of the Leyland industries at their highest
If you cannot make the meeting please pick up a leaflet from the library or see the News Page on the Leyland Historical Society website

Peter Houghton
Chairman, Leyland Historical Society
(Previously on here as Peter119)
Welcome back Peter.
Today I caught the BBC programe Flog It, during the show the presenter visits a historical site today it was the turn of Leyland Commercial Vehicle Museum. He told the story of Leyland Motors from the early steam lawn mower through to the closing of the factories after the joining with BMC. We were shown lorries, buses, cars, and the Pope mobile. Also we saw pictures of the famous callender girls, the presenter spoke to Jeff & Neil for their memories.

frank h.
I missed that Frank, must try and get it on iplayer
Hi Noel
It is on BBC 1 I Player for April 6th, for someone who hasn't been into the museum it gives a good insite whats on offer. Most of the vheicles are unique some are one offs, the steam lawnmower is unbeliveable.
hope you enjoy the segment the rest of the program isn't bad either.

frank h.
Cheers Frank makes it easier for me I've not used the iPlayer and not been in the museum either.
Does anyone know what video format the i-Player programs are recorded in? I downloaded the app, but all the listed programs are marked "Not Availble". I was hoping the format would be what computer displays use, but this development suggests it's not.

If they're not translated into computer-display format, but remain in the BBC video format, I won't be able to watch them.

Frank D

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