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Happy birthday Leyland Forum
16 years old today.

Looking at the various subject titles in the menu, I'm surprised at the very old posting dates on some of them. Might it be worth archiving or even deleting any posts that haven't had replies posted in the last 5 years? I'm not suggesting deleting the categories, just the old posts.

Frank D
Let's hope it's here for another 16.
I'll be 92 by then, if I'm still around! Having been a user since just after the forum opened I would definitely miss it if it disappeared. Maybe Facebook users will wise up after the massive ripping off of their data that has been reported. Eileen is a regular on Facebook as are most of our children and grand-children. I find it very banal and uninteresting so I've never joined.

Frank D
totally agree Frank but it's the only way I can keep in touch with so many past colleagues who have no association with Leyland. as a bye, since so few of us now take part, I'll put it in here , the IKEA development at Cuerden is causing a lot of criticism of the council allowing it to go ahead. I don't think I will ever vote in a local election again, they just don't listen. At times Watkin Lane in Lostock Hall is more like a car park than a main road , and that's before any IKEA or more houses associated with the latest plans.

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