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Ancient history on view
I'd like to suggest that any posts more than 1 year old be removed from the visible listings. They're ancient history and of no interest any more. They could be combined into a parallel series of "Historical" listings that could still be accessible, just not on the current listings.

Frank D.
this laptop is so irritating. i make a response then press usually the space key and the sentence gets jumbled up, however to persevere, here goes again. There wouldn't be many posts accessible and very recently an old one was resurrected. A couple of points while i'm on Frank I remember years ago you suggested how to save printer ink, can you recall it, the other you mentioned the leyland butcher Roocroft father of Roger and Neil , the younger of the 2 brothers. Neil sadly died a year last january, i didn't realise he lived nearby otherwise i would have kept in touch, but i always thought he came from Copull and i know coincidentally valerie and roger live there now. Neil's dad died when neil was about 13 or 14, i remember him coming in to school wearing a black rather than balshaw's tie. So i am confused, the butcher seemed to be there years later? Or was that carried on by another family member?

When we moved to the Midlands in 1965, I think it was still under the Roocroft name. We spent about a month in Leyland before we emigrated, but I don't remember going up School Lane on that visit. If it's still a butcher's shop and called "Roocroft's", the name may have been registered and kept by whoever runs it now.

I haven't bothered to minimise ink consumption for some time and I can't recall my old method. It may have been to do all the printing in "draft" mode. On my old desktop, "draft" was directly accessible as a printing mode, but on my current Dell laptop. its complicated to activate and goes away after one use.

ok thanks Frank, I was thinking you had probably left Balshaw's maybe when their dad died, guess it would have been around 1960-61? cheers anyway, quiet in here isn't it.

I left BGS after the second term in the lower 6th - spring of 1958. I was enrolled to do Pure Maths, Applied Maths and Physics. Getting Mr. Wilkinson for both maths classes was a disaster. In his comments in the end of term report he strongly recommended my not trying to qualify as an engineer, as I "obviously ad no aptitude for maths."

I took an apprenticeship with English Electric Aviation which included "Sandwich" courses. In my first maths exam at Blackpool Tech I scored 100%. What a difference a good teacher makes.

Frank D.
that's just a year after i started Frank so i guess you were at the prefect stage by then. wilkie, though i didn't like him in fact he wasn't a very nice person, today he'd probably be suspended if he were photographing young girls as he did , but he actually helped my pass pure maths A level, his method of teaching just clicked with me. little bill in physics was the one who was my bugbear, spent ages several nights getting my head round light, candels lux etc only to have him put a cross through my work saying it was obviously copied, as a result i spent the minimum one hour required in the a level exam and walked out. Benny in chemistry was equally bad he'd read out of a text book and every so often say " do you follow" without waiting for a reply. when i left i took a HNC in chemistry got top marks in the course both for the ONC and HNC courses, Grad.PRI at john dalton college in manchester, top marks there too, so as you say a good teacher makes all the difference
Really, despite the high regard BGS was held in, it was a poor school for anyone not doing Classics or Languages. I was amazed to find it has now become one of the better science and engineering schools. I guess a leopard can change its spots!

At both Blackpool Tech and RCAT-Salford, the teachers/professors were mostly retired engineers and scientists, so the technical classes were very good. I was disappointed when RCAT-Salford became the University of Salford and my graduation certificate reflected the change. It was still an RCAT when I graduated, but they'd changed the certificates a couple of months before.

Frank D
you'r right Frank, the lecturers we got at Harris College that was, now University of Central Lancashire were far superior, I once got ridiculed in class for saying i did my homework, in response to Ma Bromley asking what we did on Sunday, not realising she was a religious fruitcake. And John Dalton, now UMIST took it to another level. The old school now takes over 1200 students just over 600 in my day, and the teachers' cars fill the drives, back in the sixties there were a handful, including Leathley's aka Joe Egg, not sure why, 3 wheeler Reliant, i think it was. The local school with the most improved label is Worden now called Worden Sports College. My wife went there back in the sixties and said it was like anarchy, no respect for teachers, bullying rife, herself a victim. On a different subject the weather here is more australian summer than english, constant blue skies daytime, 28-32 c day time and no rain for over 4 weeks or so and predicted to continue, it's hotter here than in Portugal where my neighbour has gone to cool off.

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