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Volunteering for Northwest Air Ambulance Charity
Volunteers required for a bucket collection event at Tesco Extra in Leyland! 11/01/2019
Shifts are flexible but are usually in 2 hour slots between 10-16.00.
About North West Air Ambulance Charity
Since 1999 the North West Air Ambulance Charity has provided the rapid pre-hospital care needed to make a life changing difference. We operate three helicopters and one Rapid Response Vehicle and we fly 365 days a year with doctors and paramedics on board providing emergency medical treatment when time is critical.
For more information please contact
I had to read the date in the above post 3 times before I figured it out. First pass, I read it as 01 Nov 18, but since it was only posted today I realised that wasn't right. Then I wondered why they were asking for volunteers for next November. After finally catching on that 11/01 was 11 January, it made sense.

When I was with Boeing and dealing with airlines all over the world, I started writing dates in the format that would make this date display show as 11 Jan 19. Saved a lot of grief over my 28 years at the company.

Unfortunately, a 9-hour-each way transatlantic flight from Seattle or Vancouver to participate would be hard slogging. Good luck with the fund-raiser, NWAA.

Frank Damp (ex-Leylander)
Anacortes, WA, USA

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