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The past returns (Measles)
In the last few weeks, a measles epidemic has struck Washington State. The current count is 51 infected, mainly in the SW corner of the state. There aren't any north of Seattle but there's one in Vancouver BC.

Over the last few years there has been a "not my child" movement regarding this vaccination in particular and we're now seeing the feedback. The vaccination is a combination Measles/Mumps/Rubella and has been around for several decades, but a very small number of adverse reactions the denial movement to grow over the last few years. Maybe this is nature's "wake-up" call?

No Mumps or Rubella returns have yet been seen.

Frank Damp
Nothing as yet is known here on Crete Frank, But we will wait and see, glad at least a few of us are alive and posting on the web site.

The problem in the US is that many people believe that immunisation is a trick played by the medical community just to make money and doesn't have a real purpose. Dumb-butts don't realise their insurance pays for it and there is a real reason for doing it! Mother Nature is giving them a lesson right now! We got all 4 of our kids immunised, and they've all got their kids done. I think our grand-daughter has had her 2 year-old immunised already.

There was a concern about the jab some years ago over in the UK, some from memory claimed it could cause meningitis actually the diseases the MMR jab protects against measles, rubella can lead to meningitis in extreme cases. All our children had the jab as toddlers as have their children. To forgoe it is unbelievable. Why would anyone?
I guess there are anti-establishment anti-progress dumb-butts everywhere. They seem to be more vocal in the US.

We all have our fair share Frank. On another track I still can't log in using thee log in function. Doesn't matter which media I use, phone, laptop, PC, they all return me as a guest. But when I click on the register box I get the comment that I'm already registered and duly get logged in. Something not right.
I read today that a number of european countries are having a small epidemic of measles, it reported that Britain registered over 1,000 cases also Greece about 1,200.

frank h.
We've got alabama rot as well here now. A dog contracted it up on Rivington. It's a killer results in flesh eating parasites and horrendous sores. The parasite thrives in cold damp conditions and we'll certainly be giving it a miss up there for our little border terrier

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