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Preston Bus Station
I saw this on Twitter.
The Brutal Artist @TheBrutalArtist

Turns out you can make Preston bus station out of Malted Milk biscuits.

Martin ~
I have always wonderd what was the insperation for that block of concrete.

frank h.
It's undergoing refurbishment at the moment and it's looking a lot cleaner and updated. I'm not sure how to post the Preston Blog but this link leads to it eventually, by
I see the refurbishment is in line for an achitectural award, it's on a short list.
It was featured in the press and television yesterday.

frank h.
I've not been past it since the refurb started. It seems to attract divisions amongst people but it's certainly iconic no matter what people say.
From what I saw on the television it looked like the buses all use one side, this is safer for pedestrions not having to cross bus lanes like it was before.

frank h.
Yes lost count the number of times pedestrians crossed over the bus lanes to get into the covered area. Good move.

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