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Happy Christmas
Hi Hayley, Nice to see you again. All the very best to you also.
And a slightly late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all
"Let's hope it's a good one..." (J.Lennon)
Cheers, Caroline, and Big Al.
Glad to hear from you again Caroline, best wishes.
All the best everyone
William and Linda
It's not been a great christmas in my household. I'm tempted to go away next year to get away from all the stress that other members of the family introduce.
There again I do believe I said I didn't enjoy christmas in a post a couple of weeks or so ago?
I've now had that reinforced.
Noel, I suppose it`s how you measure things. Forty thousand people around the Indian Ocean would have been delighted to swap places with you.

(having just read my posting - it looked rather harsh (that was not intended), I just meant to convey the thought that there are always many more with more to complain about).
I can't live my life on that basis Jim though can I?
These things are always comparative, I agree, Noel. But Jim, I can see where you're coming from as well!
I've changed they way I live my life over the past five years. I no longer do what's expected of me all the time. I do a little of the traditional stuff, but mostly do what I want to do... If it means putting myself out for no good reason, I don't do it.

I hope that makes sense.
Martin ~
Noel, you must be like us, hating Christmas "families".

Like the description of "channels" in the Army, we expected nothing and received even less. One daughter said I had to visit on Christmas morning, so I dutifully plodded the mile uphill to their house, arriving somewhat "puffed". Of the six, the dog made most fuss of me. Everyone still in night clothes, except husband who looked as though he was going to play cricket, all in white, and hardly spoke. I thought "atmosphere" and made apologies that I had to go. Three cars outside,freezing, a mile to go back, and getting the extra 25p pension next year, no offers. Should I have asked? No way.

The other side of the family all at odds because of not getting on, so never saw them. Luckily, we went out with son and wife for lovely Christmas lunch in a pub, and had two good days with them.

You mention whisky samples, we got a special offer at M&S of single malt selection, Highland, Lowland and Island single malts. The next door neighbour came in and gave me a bottle of MacAllan 10yr old, as he didn`t know a lot about whisky, was it alright?

Roll on New Year, lets get this lot out of the way and make a new start.

A Happy New Year to All, I`ll raise my glass to you at midnight on the 31st.

William R.

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