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knife gang from Manchester threaten students at Runshaw College in Leyland
A gang from Manchester boarded a train to Lancashire then walked into a sixth-form college armed with knives and made threats towards students.

A 17-year-old boy was taken to hospital after he was 'nicked on the arm' during the disturbance. His injury is not believed to be serious.
Martin ~
This happened about 4pm Monday, I was on my way home about 4-30pm from my interveiw with Peter Houghton about working in Leyland reliving memories. Driving down Worden Lane I saw a police car at the main entry to the Park and one at the entry to the car park and a police dog patrol car at the gate oposite the road to the college. They must have been looking for some one who had run off. I only found out what was going on listening to the North West News at 6pm. What do the idiots think it's going to achieve doing things like this?

frank h.
I think that there must have been a link to Runshaw College, maybe from a student or ex-student.
I have just spoken with my brother he belives it may be drug related, as it is known that the woodland around that area is a place for smoking suspicious substaces. The police are allways searching the park and woodland.

frank h.
My grandson goes to the college and took a video which I haven't seen yet. But I understand the police have said it wasn't a Manchester mob they were more local. It's not good and when the PM says police reductions have nothing to do with the increase in knife crimes, well she would as she was responsible for them. I know we are told by the tories that the country was going bankrupt due to labour borrowing but we could still agree to giving 0.7% of GDP set in law to foreign aid and billions, debatable, to the EU. Just saying there were other ways rather than police cuts.

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