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17 years and counting
Happy Birthday to the Leyland Forum. This is our 17th anniversary!
Martin ~
congratulations from an old member...
I don't remember when I found the Forum, but it must have been close to its start. It's a place I visit every day, often more than once.

Frank Damp
i noticed that but couldn't get the forum to agree i was a member. i still get all the errors when i try to log in, i've cleared cache etc but i get asked to register and then it accepts i'm already registered. Phone, tablet, PC laptop same message.
same for me noel, very frustrating, also when it changed it did not take into consideration my previous membership, it was as if I had only just joined...
It's very frustrating Dave and could be why the forum has gone so quiet. Another thing when I use my laptop to input, when I press the space bar the cursor shoots back into words I'd previously written. I've just put the laptop down as its just done exactly that so I'm reduced to using my phone which is hardly the best option. We haven't heard anything about brexit for the last few days as the mps have been on holiday. How our PM has the nerve to carry on after the mess she's made of it heaven knows.
If it is the same MP as the one I complained to over losing the winter fuel allowance because Crete is supposed to be hot all year long I must agree wholeheartedly, a complete waste of time, I even sent photos of the snow in the garden and in our olive grove, she just said it was a government decision, I think they are all a waste of space as is there is not a good one amongst them...
I must admit I've totally lost it with our mps, and today a Lords committee has declared that free TV licence for over 75s and bus passes for over 65s should be stopped. It's OK for the Lords they get £350 a day for dropping asleep in the chamber plus allowances and carry on into their late 80s and some longer. How can the ordinary man or woman do that and get that sort of money, they are clueless. Time the Lords was shut down. There's been a big increase in knife crime and violent crime since May cut back on police funding when she was home secretary, the reaction of ministers was we are still very unlikely to be attacked. Unfortunately "None of them" doesn't appear on the voting slip.
Hear Hear Noel, I agree with all you say. I don't think these people know how much the pension per month is. Thy wouldn't like to live off it. I am looking forward to not having to find money for the TV licence from this month.

frank h.
good luck Frank I have 18 months wait. The BBC are supposed to be funding it soon not the government but the BBC are saying they won't be able to afford it. But the can afford £2.300,000 a year for Gary Linneker to mention but one grossly overpaid employee.

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