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William Hawksworth
Sad to report that William Hawksworth ( Bill) passed away on the 11th of July in hospital at the age of 94. Condolences to his partner Linda at this sad time. Bill was a stalwart of the forum a few years back and a very knowledgeable person. I know he felt he had little to add to the forum as he had left Leyland many years ago, but that is the purpose of the forum to have people keep in touch. RIP Bill.
Likewise sad to hear of a forum stalwart passing away, R.I.P Bill, I for one am feeling a little lonely here on our forum, like Bill I no longer live in Leyland but keep in touch as much as I can remembering my 50 years in the town that was my Mothers family home the Nixons of Westwood Road, grandfather James Edward, mother Doris, cousins Eric, Frank and Susan, I will like Noel keep in touch as long as is possible even after the dreaded Brexit.
Sad to hear of Bills passing, his posts always brought a lot of memories flooding back. Glad you are keeping in touch Dave, the sooner this Brexit is resolved the better it's all talk and no action we are all in limbo.

frank h.
I'm sorry to hear about Bill, he was a nice man and shared lots of good memories with us. RIP Bill.
I received a letter from William's daughter today to say that BIll's partner Linda Cartmell only lasted 8 days after his death. LInda used to post on here as Lady Griffin, a reference to her past attendance at Balshaw's Grammar School back in the fifties. Her family who live in New Zealand are arranging her cremation over here and then return of her ashes to be with her late husband's. Shocked to put it mildly.
I don't know what to say Noel. This is very sad news.
Martin ~
Likewise, R.I.P Lady Griffin.
Incidentally I received a letter from LInda's daughter in New Zealand. She told me she had seen her mum and Bill in JUne shortly before they both died and both looked really well,, so relieved they had made the trip but also deeply shocked. LInda's ashes have returned to New Zealand now and reunited with her late husband's.

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