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Introduction Hi
Hiya Just to introduce myself I worked in comet shop from 1973 to 1979 in comet shop Bill Andrews and Eric Gardner were colleagues amongst others You will know me as Ben Best Wishes to you all David Fletcher
Hi welcome David, the forum is very quiet at the moment. mother was shop steward in the nozzle shop during the strike in the sixties, but retired in 1972 i think. I worked for BTR.
Hi Noel I don't know the dates you were at BTR but my dad was there mid sixties Benny Fletcher His foreman /manager was Bert Williams Just a possibility you may recall them Regards David
Welcome Dave my namesake, I am Dave Harrison worked in Spurrier works for around 20 years the 60s to 80s then Leylands went bottom-up took redundancy and started a Driving School after training using the redundancy money which wasn`t much for 20 years, luckily the school took off and I ended up employing instructors and specialised in disabled tuition, retired aged 66 and retired to the lovely island of Crete on doctors orders and am still living there 15 years later hence my nickname Dave the Greek on web sites.
Wellcome Dave.

I am one of the few who didn't work at the Motors my conection is with social club, I was taking drumming lessons with the then resident drummer Eric Willis. He invited me to the club on Saterday nights and would let me take over from him for a couple of numbers while he refilled his pint pot. I also joined the Motors 2nd hockey team all in the early 60s.

frank h.

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